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Looking for a new way to enjoy music? Listen to Reza Bahram's disorienting and powerfully unique tunes. His style is a love letter to traditional Iranian music. His fusion of modern formula and classic styles is true eargasm. His style is proof that Iranian music deserves a spot among mainstream tunes. Music is a big part of Reza's life, and when he shares it, you will easily understand that it is genuinely his. But like many musicians, the Iranian musician did not see music as a way to make an impact in the world. But you will feel a greater impact this summer as he ignites the Queen Elizabeth Theatre stage on fire with a memorable concert. Be amazed as he performs his career-defining songs, such as "Az Eshgh Bego," "Divane" (Crazy), "Bimar" (Patient), and "Kojaee" (Where Are You). Come and enjoy his music at the famous Vancouver venue on September 2. Tickets sell out fast! Get yours now by clicking the "Get Tickets" icon!

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Reza Bahram is pioneering Iranian music on the world stage. He is a master of fusion music, blending traditional Iranian and contemporary music styles. The result is disorienting, not in a wrong way but in a good and powerfully unique manner. This means that you will like it, unlike any other songs or music styles you have heard of. His style is proof that Iranian music deserves a spot among mainstream tunes. Looking for something new to hear and obsess over? Listen to Reza Bahram's songs.

Reza Halavarjani grew up in 1992 Iran. This time was a time of expansive shifts for the country. This, of course, influenced how he grew up to become Reza Bahram. He is the middle child among three siblings. He has an older sister and a younger one. Both have forged and made a name for themselves by following their own chosen paths.

He grew up to love music. This passion was well supported by his family, most especially by his father. However, his father passed away early. This also stopped his enthusiasm for music. Instead, he put his attention to football. He grew up playing and was able to join multiple teams. His career was abruptly stopped when he incurred a serious injury while playing.

The Iranian artist then pursued a degree in Financial Management. By 2009, Reza realized that his inkling for music had come back. Since the hobby was beginning to grow for him. He decided to perform. After years of polishing his own music style, he became a professional musician in 2014. it took him another four years to put out music. In 2018, "Az Eshgh Bego" (Say Love) made waves in Iran. This led to many opportunities, like appearing on many tv shows. His popularity also pushed his music toward film. Many of his songs after that became anthems to many movies. Many of his hit songs include "Divane" (Crazy), "Bimar" (Patient), and "Kojaee" (Where Are You).

Reza Bahram will go overseas to North America this year. Iranian music will be felt in Canada at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Saturday, September 2.

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