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One of the nation's highly acclaimed stand-up comedians is heading back to the road. The one and only Wanda Sykes is launching her newest comedy tour, "Please & Thank You". The veteran comic is taking it all in. Known for her political humor and honest takes on current events and social issues, she's won the hearts of audiences around the world. Now, she's all set to embark on her first major tour in six years, exclusively reported by Variety. The extensive trek is taking place this spring, kicking off at Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Saturday, February 24. It's the month of love, and we're all in for a Wanda Sykes live-stage comeback! Her most recent Netflix Special, "I'm an Entertainer" bagged nominations at the Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Critics Choice Awards. Don't miss out on hot takes and hilarious conversations about serious business at "Please & Thank You". Book your tickets now!

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Wanda Sykes is back in the game! The veteran stand-up comedian is kicking off her newest "Please & Thank You" tour, taking her signature brand of serious comedy back to the stage. Known for her honest and insightful takes on politics, current events, and relevant social issues, she's won the hearts of audiences around the world. With a new Netflix special "I'm an Entertainer" making rounds in the streaming world, she takes a step back to her roots, covering the personal and the political.

From conversations on LGBT issues, violence, and racism, Sykes is able to integrate a punch of political humor in an hour-long comedy special while raising awareness and engaging in relevant conversations surrounding these topics. Her personal approach to real-world issues "makes it more relatable," as she shared via The Hollywood Reporter.

Six years since her last major tour, "Please & Thank You" definitely sums up our feelings over the past year - please have a new tour... Thank God she's back on tour!

Her newest Netflix Special was released last May, covering topics ranging from LGBT issues to violence against Black Americans. She's still got her remarkable talent for integrating humor into serious business. After all, this is why she reigns as one of comedy's queens. "Wanda Sykes: I’m an Entertainer" bagged Emmy nominations for "Outstanding Variety Special" and "Outstanding Writing For A Variety Special". It also received nominations at the Grammy Awards for "Best Comedy Album" and at the Golden Globe Awards for "Best Performance Stand-Up Comedy".

In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, she shares that she's "pretty much established an audience who expect me to say something." Acknowledging that what she does best isn't all glitter and gold. "It is pretty challenging to do that and to make it funny and not so polarizing," she explains. Wanda Sykes' technique is to talk about how these issues affect her and integrate her signature humor into the mix.

Heading back to the road, "I’m so excited about it. This is the first time that I’m doing a real tour", she shared, explaining how life's been busy with projects and taking care of the kids. A queen at home and on the stage, Wanda Sykes is pumped up to kick off the "Please & Thank You" 2024 tour.

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