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Mike Birbiglia, America’s most famous (unconfirmed) Olive Garden Italian, is taking over the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on January 19! Still embarked on his UK stint of The Old Man & the Pool, Mike Birbiglia sets his sights on a North American tour next year, with eight shows planned so far. The series will kick off at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, a performance venue in Vancouver, Canada, with an intimate ambiance and fantastic on-stage facilities. Multi-awarded comedian Mike Birbiglia claimed mainstream fame through a combination of NYT Bestselling books, universally praised movies, and his flawless trio of "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend," "Thank God for Jokes," and "The New One" standup specials. His style–a hilarious application of emotional storytelling–keeps audiences on their toes. He often delves into subjects of marriage, parenthood, and aging, uniquely molding them into punchlines that send audiences howling with non-stop laughter. Buy your tickets now and get front-row seats for Mike Birbiglia’s LIVE show!

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Learn about the various ways you can mispronounce his name LIVE on January 19th, Friday! Mike Birbiglia is setting up at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre for his first 2024 standup special.

“Mike Birbiglia is a master storyteller and a wonderful comedian. His insightful humor and gentle delivery warm my heart. I never stopped laughing during the show, and I smiled for days afterward as I remembered a joke or a witty phrase from his performance.”

Currently on the West End road for The Old Man & the Pool show, the multi-awarded comedian announces a new series of LIVE standup routines for next year. The tour–set for North America–has eight dates lined up so far and will commence in Vancouver, Canada.

Hosting the event is the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, a gorgeous indoor performance venue with top-notch acoustics, seats, and lights that fuse into a perfectly intimate atmosphere.

Mike Birbiglia unites exhausted parents in the shared joys and horrors of raising children in his shows. Still, his comic arsenal goes above and beyond. A master in audience engagement, he tells compelling stories that lure audiences into curious fascination. And when they least expect it, BAM! He sucker-punches them with a ridiculously hysterical twist.

“I journal every few nights. What I find is that after six months or something, I’ll go through my entries, and three of them—out of a hundred—could be in a show,” the storyteller shares when asked how he decides on standup material.

Mike has been active in show business for 23 years, and he’s built quite a resume from it. Multiple tv appearances. Directorial and starring roles in film. New York Times bestsellers. And a part in a Taylor Swift music video as the singer’s dystopian nightmare son. Wait, what? The comedian also boasts a trifecta of critically acclaimed standup specials: "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend," "Thank God for Jokes," and "The New One."

His accolades, meanwhile, include Outer Critics Circle and Drama Desk Awards for Outstanding Solo Performance, a Sundance Film Festival Audience Award, and the 2017 Kurt Vonnegut Humor Award. Son of a gun, venues are filling up fast! Hurry up and book your tickets now to see Mike Birbiglia LIVE on Friday, January 19th, 2024, at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, BC.

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