Queen Elizabeth Theatre Rules

Below are the ground rules for anyone attending events at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Please make sure you know the rules and regulations before attending any event.

Children and babies ticket policy

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre requires that all audience members, including children, must have a ticket. There are no exemptions to this policy regardless of the child’s age.

Scent free policy

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre aims to provide safe spaces for enjoying entertainment and culture for all. Please do not wear scented lotions or perfumes to the theater.

Cameras and recording devices

Taking professional photographs and recording performances in theater is not allowed unless authorized by the promoter or producer. Cameras and recording devices may be confiscated by theater staff for the duration of the show. Please be respectful when using your smartphone in performances as it can be a distraction for other patrons.

Banned items

Certain items may be confiscated at the door by security if deemed dangerous. Large bags will be checked at the coat check. All wheeled items other than wheelchairs must remain in the lobby or in the coat check during the performance. These items are considered hazardous if an evacuation becomes necessary.


If you are late to a performance, please be aware that you may not be seated until intermission. Video monitors are available in the theater lobby to follow the action on stage. To honor the performance’s integrity, the show’s producer will determine 24 hours in advance when latecomers may be seated. In some cases, latecomers may be seated in the Balcony. Patrons may move to their purchased seats at the first intermission. In other cases, latecomers may be seated at an appropriate break in the performance.

*This list is not all-inclusive and may change or be updated at any time without notice. Additional restrictions may apply.

Patron Code of Conduct

Patrons are entitled to an environment where everyone:
● Receives consistent, professional, and courteous treatment from all theater staff.
● Feels comfortable reporting inappropriate behavior to ushers, house managers, or security.
● Complies with venue staff and security instructions on facility operations and emergency response procedures.
● Sits only in assigned seats and shows tickets when requested.
● Consumes alcohol responsibly and in compliance with the law.
● Does not disrupt the event or performers.
● Does not smoke or use tobacco products inside the theater.
● Does not attempt to re-enter without a ticket or proper credential.
● Wears a shirt, shoes, and lower garments at all times.

Please note: Patrons engaging in disruptive behavior, such as fighting, throwing objects, using offensive language or gestures, attempting to enter restricted areas, or any actions negatively impacting others, will be immediately removed from the venue and may face police intervention for these violations.