Queen Elizabeth Theatre Seating Chart

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre is located in the heart of Vancouver, Canada. It has a cosey seating capacity of just over 2000. Below the seating chart illustrates the different seating options available for patrons. Featuring a stage measuring 70 feet in width and 40 feet in depth, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre consists of two unique spaces: the impressive 2,765-seat main auditorium and the cozy 668-seat Playhouse Theatre. The theater also has 16 wheelchair spaces.


Seating Areas

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre is divided into four seating sections: Balcony, Dress Circle, Mezzanine, and the Orchestra. Positioned at the back, the rear seating is set at its highest point, with a balcony that provides a bird’s-eye view of the stage. The Dress Circle offers an excellent choice for those who prefer an elevated position above the performers; this seating option extends to the sides of the theater. Below the balcony, additional seating choices are available, including the central Mezzanine area. Closer to the stage, there are further options for general admission Orchestra seating.

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The seating arrangement is clearly set out, and friendly staff are available to guide you to your designated seat. Patrons are asked not to deviate from their assigned seats to avoid any disturbance among fellow audience members. Your cooperation ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Seating Capacity

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre total seating capacity is 2,765 standard seats with 16 accessible wheelchair spaces.

Accessible Seating

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre is accessible for patrons with accessible needs. Both Orchestra and Mezzanine level seating offer wheelchair access. In the Orchestra section, it includes row 25, seats 31 through 40, and seats 60 through 69. For the Mezzanine section, wheelchair accessible seating is available in row 34, seats 15 through 20, and seats 41 through 46. A lift operated from the main lobby provides access to the Mezzanine Level and the Upper Balcony.

For those in need of hearing assistance, complimentary receivers for the Sennheiser Infrared Transmission System can be obtained at no cost from the Lobby Coat Check, though quantities are limited, and a valid driver’s license or credit card is required.

Additionally, binoculars are available for rent at the Main Lobby Coat Check.

Wheelchair-accessible washrooms are located on both the Orchestra and Mezzanine levels.