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Vancouver Opera: Don Pasquale

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Prepare for another season of colorful classics with the Vancouver Opera as they present Don Pasquale LIVE on February 10 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre! Featuring the original compositions by Gaetano Donizetti and libretto by Giovanni Ruffini, the opera depicts the comical clash between the affluent Don Pasquale (Gregory Dahl) and lovers Ernesto (Josh Lovell ) and Norina (Elizabeth Polese). In three acts of sweeping music and escalating hysterics, audiences will experience a thoughtful demo of intergenerational prejudice and reconciliation. André Barbe and Renaud Doucet pair up once again to contribute their direction, dramaturgy, sets, and costumes for VO’s Don Pasquale at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Heightened by the venue’s cutting-edge tech, the lighting design by Guy Simard will reveal the breathtaking vibrancy of the production’s costumes and stagecraft. And, of course, how can we forget the exquisite acoustics emphasizing the delightful symphonies conducted by the one-and-only Maestro Jacques Lacombe? Book your seats soon!

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The Vancouver Opera’s next season will feature a trifecta of larger-than-life theatrics, examining the pursuit of love in vividly unique strokes. Middle in line is Don Pasquale, Donizetti’s comic masterpiece, set to open on February 10 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in British Columbia, Canada.

“We are excited to be presenting these spectacular productions that burst with color and energy, reach the very core of our humanity, and illicit passion, smiles, and tears with their sweeping compositions,” General Director Tom Wright shares in the company’s official press statement.

“A pop art feast for your senses.” Acclaimed duo André Barbe and Renaud Doucet reimagine the 19th-century opera buffa in 20th-century Technicolor! The production will showcase the pair’s impeccable direction, dramaturgy, sets, and costumes alongside Guy Simard’s immaculate stage lighting. On the podium, Maestro Jacques Lacombe will conduct the Vancouver Opera Orchestra And Chorus through three acts of hilarious havoc.

The flagship opera of the “bel canto” style, Don Pasquale, was born from the collaboration between composer Gaetano Donizetti and librettist Giovanni Ruffini. It will be sung in its original Italian, with English subtitles projected above the stage. The story sings of prejudice and jealousy through a comical conflict concerning matters of inheritance. Resounding baritone Gregory Dahl will star as the titular aging bachelor hellbent on disinheriting his defiant nephew. Meanwhile, soprano Elizabeth Polese and tenor Josh Lovell will fill in the roles of Norina and Ernesto, the two troubled lovers who seek help from the cunning Dr. Malatesta, played by baritone Phillip Addis, for their spiraling predicament. Despite its turbulent premise, Don Pasquale is a hysterical and ultimately heart-warming reconciliation of an intergenerational clash between wits and principles.

The Vancouver Opera’s production will premiere at the historical Queen Elizabeth Theatre on a Saturday night, February 10, 2024. This indoor performing arts venue can accommodate nearly 2,800 guests with its top-of-the-line seating arrangements. Additionally, guests will be able to enjoy Donizetti’s opus in pure audio-visual clarity thanks to a combination of splendid lighting, sightlines, and acoustics. There’s simply no place else that can rival this world-class experience, so book your reservations today for Don Pasquale!

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