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Ronny Chieng is heading back to the road. The Malaysian-Chinese comic is kicking off his newest live extravaganza, THE LOVE TO HATE IT TOUR. Taking his honest and relevant takes on politics, society, and anything under the sun in a live stand-up trek, he's giving us reasons to hate whatever surprises he's giving out. As a senior correspondent on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, he's shared and raised awareness on relevant issues, albeit in a hilarious manner that brings audiences doses of laughter. With awareness, creativity, and comedy-gold spiels, Ronny Chieng has become a global star in the vast world of comedy. Despite a jam-packed schedule including 2 Netflix specials, a Hulu series, and a couple of other surprises lined up, the man is hitting the stage at Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Saturday, February 24 of a poppin' new year. Don't miss out on a wild night of laughs and hatin' on stage. Book your tickets now.

A shining star in a world of laughs, Ronny Chieng proudly represents the Asian-American community in his body of work. The comic, actor, and correspondent has won international acclaim for his dedication to raising awareness on social and political topics, albeit with a couple of laughs. With his hit Netflix special "Asian Comedian Destroys America!" dominating the globe, the man has come a long way from being an international student in Australia. He's also starred in various films, including "Crazy Rich Asians", Marvel's "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings", "American Born Chinese", "M3GAN", "Joy Ride", and many more. Moreover, he's got an upcoming Hulu release, "Interior Chinatown", coming right up.

Now, enough about his star-studded TV appearances, we're spicing things up with the real deal. Well, he wants you to hate it, but we're all in. Ronny Chieng is launching his newest live trek, THE LOVE TO HATE IT TOUR. Hitting the road once again, he's bound to stir excitement in every city he'll set foot in. So far, we're not hating it!

Shining a light on relevant issues and raising awareness on topics that need to be discussed, the comic won the respect of audiences around the world. Proudly representing the Asian-American community, he serves as a voice whose work continues to make a great impact across relevant social topics.

In an interview by Esquire, Sirena He asked Chieng how he balances discussing issues that affect the AAPI community and an instance where he previously joked about whatever Asian topics that get thrown at him. "You want these stories to be told and you don't think anyone else is doing them," he responded. "We need to talk about these issues, because if I don't talk about it, no one else is going to talk about it, or no one's going to care in the way that I care about it," explaining that folks at The Daily Show actually respect and support the stories he chooses to feature.

Back in 2016, the man co-wrote his own first sitcom, "Ronny Chieng: International Student". Picked up by Comedy Central and ABC TV, he became a global sensation for his comedic talent, alongside his growing popularity as a correspondent for The Daily Show. His sitcom drew inspiration from his experiences as an international student in Australia. Since then, he's got the world hooked on his charm and talent.

We all love the man, but he's been convincing us to start hating as THE LOVE TO HATE IT TOUR kicks off. Save your spots at the show by booking your tickets now!

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