Shahkar Bineshpajooh [CANCELLED] at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia



Shahkar Bineshpajooh [CANCELLED] at



Shahkar Bineshpajooh [CANCELLED]

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

This coming September 23rd, Shahkar Bineshpajooh graces the stage of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre! From New York to Vienna to Sydney, Shahkar travels the world along with his 200-player orchestra. This 2023, he takes off on tour through 4 cities (US and Canada) for a series of 2-3 hour events, stopping by the Queen Elizabeth Theatre where audiences can enjoy a stunning backdrop paired with well-defined acoustics. Shahkar Bineshpajooh, PhD, is an Iranian singing sensation who has performed with other renowned musicians such as Andre Bocelli and the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra. Donning a permanent smile, this artist sends audiences into inspired frenzies with his trademark showmanship, crooning voice, and energetic piano playing. Lend your ears to the exquisitely arranged melodies of “Medley,” “Shab Bood, Biaban Bood,” and “Be to Che” in this extravagant event commemorating Persian musical tradition. Get your tickets now to meet Shahkar Bineshpajooh LIVE!

Bask in the beautiful mind and music of Shahkar Bineshpajooh! The pride of Iran will make an appearance at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre on September 23rd for a night of harmonies dipped in Persian elegance.

“He has a beautiful character and a very clear soul. We enjoyed the show a lot; it was one of the most beautiful nights in our lives.”

Esteemed Iranian poet and singer Shahkar Bineshpajooh, Ph.D., is scheduled for a 4-city tour through the US and Canada, with a stop in Vancouver. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the 2-3 hour event at the Queen Elizabeth Theater. The venue provides spacious seats, excellent sightlines to its magnificent stage, and acoustics tuned to a pin-prick precision.

Listen to Shahkar’s crooning voice as it rises through the roof through tunes such as “Be to Che” and “Mimiram”! With an ever-present smile and suave showmanship, the maestro invites everyone to join him and his 200-piece orchestra in paying harmonic homage to 6000 years of Persian heritage.

As a young boy, age 15, Shahkar was profoundly interested in the poetic and musical arts. He taught himself command over several instruments, including guitar, drums, and piano, skills he used to compose widely successful music albums during his undergraduate years.

In 2004, Shahkar was best known as Iran’s only rap artist, the Dapper Rapper. Fusing classical Persian poetry with rap beats and rhythm, he aimed to criticize the Iranian nouveau elite through conservative lyrics delivered in radical form.

Today, Shahkar holds sold-out concerts across the globe, collaborating with many acclaimed musicians such as Shardad Rohani and Andrea Bocelli, as well as prestigious orchestras, including the Armenian Philharmonic and Yerevan Opera Orchestras. These high-value productions feature cutting-edge stage design and lighting, often accompanied by dancers in traditional regalia.

For a possible glimpse of what songs to expect, here’s a list of Shahkar’s Spotify singles:
“Shab Bood, Biaban Bood”
“Be to Che”
“Vasate Ghalbam”
“Iran’s Anthem”
“Eshghe Aval”
“Bichareh Man”
“Kenaram Bekhab”
“Asheghet Mimoonam”

Check back with us for the latest news on the concert’s guests and setlists! Book your seats now to see Shahkar Bineshpajooh perform LIVE at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, on Saturday, September 23rd, 2023!

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