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Vancouver Opera: Don Pasquale

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Vancouver Opera’s latest rendition of Don Pasquale will return to the stage on Thursday, February 15, for its second night at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Stand witness as the elderly Don Pasquale (Gregory Dahl) attempts to disinherit his nephew, Ernesto (Josh Lovell), for engaging in a romance with Norina (Elizabeth Polese), a widow with a penchant for trickery. In three acts of schemes and symphonies, viewers will enjoy a humorous yet nuanced demonstration of cross-generational conflict, prejudice, and jealousy. The production will bring back Gaetano Donizetti’s original compositions and Giovanni Ruffini’s libretto, with Director Renaud Doucet at the helm and Maestro Jacques Lacombe at the podium. It will also employ set and costume designs by André Barbe and lighting by Guy Simard. Once again, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre will host, offering its historic backdrop, honed acoustics, and first-class ambiance for the iconic bel canto opera. Reserve your seats for Vancouver Opera’s Don Pasquale by clicking the “Get Tickets” button.

For its following seasonal lineup, the Vancouver Opera will exhibit three vibrant classics that delve into matters of the heart at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Its second production, Don Pasquale, will cover the February engagement, with its second date set for Thursday the 15th.

“Two of the operas have not been seen in over a decade, and one has only been produced once in our 64-year history… We are excited to be presenting these spectacular productions that burst with color and energy, reach the very core of our humanity, and illicit passion, smiles, and tears with their sweeping compositions,” VO General Director Tom Write said in a press release.

An enduring story of love and prejudice, Don Pasquale follows the titular bachelor’s disdain for the affair between Ernesto, his rebellious nephew, and Norina, a young widow. In order to disinherit his kin, the don attempts to secure a bride of his own, unaware of the wily scheme Norina hatched with the assistance of a certain Dr. Malatesta. This tale told through three acts examines intergenerational relationships and class conflicts in a manner equal parts humorous and enlightening.

Gregory Dahl (Baritone) as Don Pasquale
Josh Lovell (Tenor) as Ernesto
Elizabeth Polese (Soprano) as Norina
Phillip Addis (Baritone) as Dr. Malatesta

The iconic opera buffa will be reimagined in pop-art Technicolor through Renaud Doucet’s impeccable direction and choreography, André Barbe’s intricate sets and costumes, and Guy Simard’s pristine lighting design. This production will also revive the original libretto written by Giovanni Ruffini (based on the 1810 libretto for Ser Marcantonio) and compositions by the bel canto maestro Gaetano Donizetti. Jacques Lacombe will stand at the podium, conducting the resident orchestra throughout the performance.

The opera will be sung in the original Italian, with English titles projected above the stage of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre for guests to follow. Listen as the actors, choir, and orchestra meld their sounds into beautiful harmony, heightened by the venue’s finely tuned acoustics. Breathtaking stagecraft. Luxury seats. And a golden-glow ambiance. Experience all these and more when you watch the Vancouver Opera’s presentation of Don Pasquale LIVE on Thursday, February 15, 2024. Click the button above to claim your reservations today!

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